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About company

Air Cargo Green Capabilities — General sales service agent for air cargo for sales, special arrangements and consulting services for cargo transportation from Europe to China, USA and the Middle East.

The agency is based in Luxembourg. We are composed of 5 experts with a combined experience of over 50 years in a cargo airline, as a GSA and in a major global freight forwarding company.

Mission: We believe in air freight industry where everyone has the unique opportunity to develop new green capabilities in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual support.

We solve the most difficult air freight issues and challenges from 1 kg transportation to 100t charter flight and GSA global sales worldwide.

We create green conditions for the development and support of our partners, feel their headaches and generate the solutions to improve their business models and profitability.

Our goal is to find and offer customers optimal solution of the set tasks

sales director

  • 30+ years in aviation industry (charters)
  • Management of the sales
  • Customer orientation
  • Ethics and integrity
  • Supply chain development
  • Optimization of logistics processes
  • Risk management
  • Compliance with standards and norms
  • Quality control

managing director

  • 16+ years in the aviation industry (commercial leader)
  • Ideas generator
  • Company strategy
  • Structuring and optimization of business processes
  • Pragmatic profitability driven approach
  • Top-marketing
  • Global unique sales

Leave your number — an expert will discuss your task with you and select the best one delivery option according to your budget

Why choose us

Experience. Knowledge. Possibilities

In international cargo transportation 20 years. Expert knowledge air transportation. Air freight without intermediaries. We personally accompany especially valuable cargo


We advise, not just sell services. Choosing the best route from available. Customer Support 24/7/365


We guarantee meeting deadlines delivery

Pay for results

First we do. Then you pay

Transparent accounting

Pricing without hidden surcharges.or unaccounted expenses

Customs clearance Full construction

We will prepare the entire set of documents for customs clearance. Services customs lawyer.



17, Boulevard Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, L-1331, Luxembourg


+352 691 747 755


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