Air Cargo Green Capabilities (ACGC), rooted in Luxembourg, extends its air freight excellence across the globe, making no distinction in scope or scale. Specializing in the swift movement of high-value, time-sensitive merchandise, we ensure prompt and secure arrivals. Focusing on global connectivity, our reach extends to every corner of the world, covering key markets in Europe, Asia, Australia and Oceania, and the United States. This worldwide network, combined with our advanced technology, offers a synthesis of speed, dependability, and cost-effectiveness, serving a wide range of industries with unparalleled efficiency.

The Advantages of Choosing International Air Freight

Speed and Precision: We guarantee the fastest delivery across vast distances, significantly outperforming sea and other transportation methods. Particularly suitable for urgent, perishable, or high-value items, air freight excels with unmatched speed, facilitating quicker shipping when every second counts.

Safety and Reliability: Safety and reliability are our top priorities. Strict safety protocols minimize the risk of damage or loss, keeping your goods in dependable hands throughout their journey.

Extensive Network: We’re proud to offer an extensive network that spans the entire globe, working across land and sea to deliver flexible routing options everywhere possible. Through our partnership, we promote our services directly to all corners of the globe, guaranteeing smooth shipping across oceans to regions including Asia, Australia, and beyond.

Versatile and Economical: Our aircraft are equipped to handle a wide range of goods, adeptly serving diverse industries and navigating complex supply chains. We offer customization that addresses both the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of air freight, reducing storage and inventory expenses for certain cases.

Real-Time Tracking: Providing peace of mind, our system enables real-time tracking, keeping you fully informed throughout the journey.

Environmental Responsibility: Our fleet adheres to high environmental standards, contributing to lower carbon emissions.

Enhanced Competitiveness: Rapid shipping times enhance your business edge, facilitating market growth and increased customer satisfaction.

Expertise and Innovation: Thanks to our experienced team and advanced technology, we offer innovative logistics solutions that keep pace with global trade demands.

Strategic Logistics Planning: We provide strategic planning assistance, including insurance and customs clearance, to streamline your logistics process, making international shipping smoother and more accessible.

In summary, our international air freight services deliver unmatched reliability, efficiency, and coverage. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your shipments are transported swiftly, safely, and in an environmentally responsible manner, meeting the highest standards of the logistics industry.

A Spectrum of Freight Solutions

We are skilled at handling a diverse range of products, treating each piece with meticulous attention to ensure it is delivered with efficiency. Our services are customized to meet the unique requirements of every client, providing a personal touch to the logistics process.

Bulk and Air Freight

Our service caters to large-scale, diverse needs with tailored, effective strategies for transport

Consolidated Cargo

We adeptly manage small consignments, emphasizing efficiency and care with every shipment.

Dangerous Goods and Pyrotechnics

Specializing in delivering chemical substances and pyrotechnics with utmost precision and safety.

Automobiles and Motorcycle

Specialized transport for personal and exclusive vehicle models, maintaining safety throughout transitions.

Project and Oversized Constructions

Expert movement of oversized equipment and constructions with specialized arrangements.

Freshness Guaranteed

Guaranteeing quick, secure shipping to preserve the quality and freshness of perishables upon arrival.

Antiques, Paintings, and Museum Exhibits

Secure, specialized international movement of valuable collections and exhibits.

Please consult with our managers to gather detailed information on transporting your specific freight, providing a tailored solution.

Cost and Timelines

Cost Estimates

The financial aspect of air freight is detailed and dependent on various factors. While air freight may be more expensive compared to other transportation modes, the fast and secure shipping of your valuable or urgent items justifies the cost. The cost is influenced by:

  • Transfer expenses to the airport (if required)
  • Warehouse storage fees
  • Special packaging materials and handling, depending on the cargo’s nature
  • Air transport documentation processing
  • Insurance
  • Air carrier tariffs, fuel surcharges, and additional fees for specific cargo types and dimensions
  • Storage at the air terminal post-unloading
  • Customs clearance fees, both domestically and internationally
  • Transportation to the final destination (as agreed upon)

Delivery Timelines

Air freight is renowned for its speed and reliability, leading to prompt arrivals at destinations. Standard deliveries, including preparation, air transport documentation, and customs declaration, typically take 3-5 days. For special categories and express delivery of urgent shipments, expedited processing of 1-2 business days is available.

Dynamic Pricing

The cost of air freight varies based on the country of origin and the complexities involved in transit. We maintain direct contracts with airlines and a comprehensive network of agents worldwide to offer competitive pricing tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Whether your shipment originates from the USA, where costs might be higher, or from Asian countries, we ensure optimal pricing structures.

Why Choose Us?

Global Air Freight Solutions
We provide effective, customized services for swift worldwide shipping, utilizing our extensive air and ground network to connect various destinations with personalized logistics.
Advanced Technology and Real-Time Tracking
We provide shipment visibility and security, integrating the latest technology to offer real-time data and improved communication for our clients.
Competitive Pricing and Individualized Services
Our transparent pricing sets us apart, with quick quotes and tailored rates that guarantee value without any hidden fees.
Expert Cargo Handling with Compliance and Safety
We guarantee shipment safety through strict adherence to international standards, expertly managing and securing them.
24/7 Customer Service
Clients enjoy around-the-clock personalized service, with dedicated account managers addressing every query and concern promptly and efficiently.
Speed and Efficiency in Delivery
We are renowned for our punctual deliveries, a result of seamlessly blending technology with our coordinated international network.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I track my shipment in real-time?

Yes, our integrated tracking system allows you to monitor your shipment at any time. This feature is accessible via our customer portal, where you can also find all necessary documentation and delivery reports. Our support team is available 24/7 to assist with any queries or changes to your order.

How are sensitive pharmaceuticals and perishable food items handled during international air freight to ensure their safety and integrity?

Expert logistics teams adhere to stringent aviation and international transport incoterms, guaranteeing that specialized goods, such as temperature-sensitive pharma products and perishables, receive meticulous attention. Our approach to pharma and perishable items includes utilizing controlled facilities and certified packing methods. These items are securely consolidated and transported with tailored environmental settings within cargo planes, guaranteeing the freight’s integrity from takeoff to touchdown. This specialized handling is critical for maintaining the efficacy and quality of pharmaceuticals and the freshness of perishable food items throughout their journey.

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How does your company handle the transportation of oversized and heavy industrial equipment?

Comprehensive logistics solutions are offered for the transport of oversized and heavy industrial equipment. This includes advising on appropriate packing and securing techniques for safe transit. Networks that span road and air, alongside partnerships with carriers, facilitate the organization of chartered flights for machinery that exceeds conventional cargo dimensions. The use of volumetric calculators assists in estimating freight volume, coupled with competitive rates for complete delivery services. These encompass everything from customs documentation to clearance, upholding compliance with aviation and export regulations for end-to-end shipment management.

How does your service accommodate the transportation of diverse cargo types, including engineering equipment and aerospace components?

Our service is expertly equipped to handle a wide range of cargo types, specifically focusing on large-scale engineering equipment and sensitive aerospace components. We offer bespoke logistics, tailored to the unique requirements of every cargo category. However, it’s important to note that we do not organize the transportation of live animals. For engineering equipment, our team of experts designs and implements the safest and most effective transportation routes, using specialized techniques for loading and securing. Aerospace components receive meticulous attention, with custom packing solutions and controlled handling to protect these high-value items during transit. Our adherence to strict industry standards and commitment to excellence ensures that all goods, regardless of their complexity or sensitivity, are delivered safely and effectively.

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