At Air Cargo Green Capabilities (ACGC), we understand that cargo insurance is not just about securing a safety net for your goods; it’s about ensuring the continuity and success of your business. With our robust cargo insurance options, we safeguard your shipments from potential risks during transit, no matter the destination.

Protect Your Cargo, Protect Your Business

Customized Insurance for Every Need
Our insurance solutions are tailored to fit the unique demands of your shipments. Whether it’s high-value electronics, sensitive medical equipment, or fast-moving consumer goods, ACGC offers comprehensive coverage that gives you peace of mind
Global Reach, Local Expertise
Our international presence combined with local market knowledge enables us to provide cargo insurance services that cater to the specific requirements of different regions, including adherence to European standards and beyond
Around-the-Clock Assurance
With ACGC, support is always within reach. Our dedicated 24/7 support team is here to assist you with any insurance-related inquiries and to guide you through the process of selecting the right coverage for your cargo
Risk Management and Compliance
Leverage our expertise to navigate through the complex landscape of international trade. We ensure your cargo complies with all regulations and that every potential risk is managed effectively, helping you avoid costly delays and financial losses
Tax Calculation and Claims Handling
Understanding the financial implications of shipping is crucial. ACGC provides precise tax calculations and streamlined claims handling to ensure you are never left in the dark about the costs and procedures of insuring your cargo
Fast and Efficient Claim Settlements
In the event of a claim, our expert team works diligently to ensure a quick and fair settlement, so you can focus on running your business without the burden of lengthy insurance processes

Diverse Sector Insurance Solutions

Our insurance offerings cater to a broad array of sectors, ensuring tailored protection for every kind of shipment:

Hospitality and Events

Safeguard every aspect of your hospitality services, from the safe transit of food and equipment to complete coverage for event supplies and hotel furnishings

Food and Beverage Assurance

Comprehensive insurance for your consumables, securing everything from bottled beverages to perishable produce through every stage of the supply chain

Retail and E-Commerce Coverage

Robust policies to protect a vast range of retail goods, whether in transit, during storage, or through the busiest shopping periods, with automated insurance for every transaction

Industrial and Energy Safeguards

Dedicated insurance options for the oil, gas, and energy sectors, including risk management for critical equipment and coverage that anticipates project timelines

By partnering with ACGC, your assets are shielded against the unexpected, no matter the industry or journey your goods undertake.

Factors Influencing Insurance Costs

  • Nature of Goods: the type of goods being shipped plays a pivotal role in determining insurance costs. High-value items or delicate electronics often command higher premiums due to increased risk.
  • Shipment Value: insurance costs are directly tied to the declared value of the cargo. Higher value shipments typically result in higher insurance premiums to cover potential losses.
  • Destination and Origin: geographical routes affect insurance rates; longer journeys or routes passing through high-risk areas may increase costs.
  • Storage and Consolidation: periods of storage and the processes of consolidation and deconsolidation introduce additional risks and can influence insurance pricing.
  • Seasonal Fluctuations: insurance costs can fluctuate with seasonal demand and capacity constraints, especially in peak shipping periods.
Insurance Insight: Full-Value Coverage vs. Standard Carrier Liability


A consignment consisting of 10 crates of medical devices, with a market value of $2M, encountered total damage due to extreme temperature fluctuations. The cause was an unexpected delay attributed to severe turbulence en route.


After litigation against the freight carrier, the consignee received a settlement of $50,000. This sum represented the carrier’s maximum obligation as stipulated by the air carriage agreement, calculated at the industry-standard rate of 19 SDRs* per kilogram, as per airline regulatory limitations.

The Ideal Outcome: Had the consignee secured a comprehensive Cargo Insurance plan, the payout would have corresponded to the full value of the medical devices, ensuring no financial shortfall.

*SDR (Special Drawing Right) is an international financial instrument defined by the International Monetary Fund, used to unify various exchange rates.

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For a tailored cargo insurance solution that protects your goods and supports your business goals, reach out to Air Cargo Green Capabilities today. Trust us to keep your cargo safe, from takeoff to landing and beyond.



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