Air Cargo Green Capabilities is a certified GSSA (General Sales and Service Agent) logistics company, championing a new era of thinking in air cargo with a focus on green initiatives. We merge traditional professionalism with innovative strategies, offering a global network and eco-friendly solutions for modern cargo needs.

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The reasons to choose ACGC

Dedicated Support

Our managers, available 24/7, keep you informed on your cargo’s status, offering peace of mind.

Expert Handling

Rely on our experienced professionals to ensure the flawless handling of your goods from beginning to end.

Access to Investors

Our solid reputation ensures backing from external investors, guaranteeing our financial robustness.

Extensive Partnerships

Collaborations with diverse logistic entities ensure a seamless and efficient service network.

Green Community Engagement

Our commitment is underscored by active participation in eco-friendly aviation communities and our collaboration with green communities in the European airline industry, including IATA, TIACA, and AI Cargo.

Exemplary Customer Service

Experience unmatched personalized service aimed at exceeding your expectations at every step.

Our cases

Delivery of 65 tons of urgent oversized medical equipment from Singapore to Avalon, Australia


Pharma charter within 3 days: 65 ton of urgent oversized medical equipment ex.Singapure to Avalon, Australia by 747-400F


ACGC Sarl’s charter team organizes and operates an emergency charter flight from Singapore to Avalon on the famous 747-400F cargo ship Ski Queen. The cargo is delivered to the final recipient (CSL Behring (Australia) Pty Ltd.) on time with the utmost care and safety.

Delivery to Bangladesh of equipment for the construction of a nuclear power plant


Electrical materials and equipment are required for the construction of a nuclear power plant in Bangladesh.


Air Cargo Green Capabilities S.a.r.l. not only offered us the delivery of materials, but also acted as a reliable supplier and was able to quickly find the goods we needed.

Ice cream delivery to Shanghai


Baskin robbins — The task was to send about 1 ton of ice cream to Shanghai, in order to preserve the consumer properties of ice cream, it was necessary to maintain a temperature regime no higher than — 18ºC


The Air Cargo Green Capabilities S.a.r.l. team organized the air delivery, and also promptly resolved all the issues with veterinary control and customs clearance.

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