Discover Air Cargo Green Capabilities (ACGC), your dependable ally for essential air freight services. We provide you with charter aircraft rentals and leasing, guarantee efficiency and safety, along with personalized charter solutions designed for your cargo’s unique requirements.

Choose us and your needs will be met with expertise and innovation. We help you find an optimized air freight solution to deliver into the adress in one calling. Your cargo reaches its destination as swiftly and smoothly as possible.

Charter aircraft availability Jan/Feb 2024

B737-400F20t / 140cbmEU — ME/CIS/Africaimmediate availability
B737-800F23t / 175cbmME/CIS — EUimmediate availability
A300-200F40t / 350cbmME/Asia — EUimmediate availability
Il-7643t / 185cbmME/Africa — EU/CIS48 hours availability
B767-300F50t / 400cbmAsia — EUimmediate availability
A330-200F60t / 430cbmAsia/ME — EU
B777F100t / 550cbmHKG — EU
B747-400F105t / 690cbmAsia — MEimmediate availability

Cargo Charter Services

In our company, we transform the complexity of global air charter services into a streamlined and efficient process designed to cater to your specific needs. We execute with precision, providing a customized approach for every type of cargo. Whether it’s for corporate projects, diplomatic missions, or media events, our charter aircraft solutions are ready to assist you.

Our Offers:

  • Variety of Air Charter Options: Our diverse air charter solutions are expertly designed to manage urgent, delicate, and complex tasks, ensuring efficiency and safety for air transport.
  • Strategic Air Hub Location: Positioned at our central Luxembourg airport, we ensure swift and secure air deliveries across Europe, leveraging our strategic location for optimal air freight flow.
  • Custom Air Assistance: We offer tailored air charter plans to accommodate all requirements, from standard and oversized items to hazardous materials, ensuring your cargo is transported safely and efficiently.

The Process:

  • Consultation: We engage in a detailed discussion to grasp your unique air cargo and charter needs.
  • Custom Plan: Develop a tailored charter solution that aligns aircraft selection, flight path, and ground handling strategies.
  • Execution: Execute a rigorously structured charter process to achieve precision at every phase. Our commitment to the highest technical standards in air transport ensures the safety of your cargo, aiming to reduce transit times and enhance efficiency.

Handled Goods Types:

  • Oversized Items: Specialized loading and transport processes are crucial for secure and prompt arrivals.
  • Dangerous Materials: Strict compliance with worldwide safety and regulatory standards.
  • Valuable Items: Increased attention during the movement of high-value articles.

Choose us for a seamless, reliable, and tailor made air cargo experience, where you see every customer is a priority, and every client is valued, high speed and flexibility is appropriate and essential. Your peace of mind is our business.

Our Fleet

We showcase a diverse fleet of cargo aircraft, each customized to fulfill a broad spectrum of air cargo tasks while being rigorously upheld to European safety and efficiency standards. Our fleet is equipped to handle everything from standard packages to oversized, dangerous, or high-value goods, ensuring a solution tailored to every specific cargo requirement and timeline. As a company committed to sustainability, we actively work to minimize our carbon footprint.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: From smaller, agile planes for quick, efficient deliveries to larger aircraft capable of transporting massive or oversized cargo, our fleet caters to a wide spectrum of volume and weight capacities.
  • Efficiency: Our aircraft are optimized for fuel efficiency and low emissions, aligning with our commitment to environmental sustainability. That’s why we exclusively operate in the air, ensuring your goods reach their destination faster than sea freight.
  • Adaptability: Each plane is versatile, accommodating various cargo types, from fragile goods to heavy machinery, ensuring their safe and efficient journey. We manage every detail meticulously.

Safety and Maintenance:

Safety is our priority.

Our planes undergo regular, comprehensive checks and maintenance routines to ensure they may do domestic and international flights at peak performance. Adhering to the stringent European safety and operational standards, we assure you that every flight with us is not only conducted with utmost precision but also remains inherently secure.

Safety and Compliance

Adherence to Standards: Our company prioritizes the safety and security of your cargo, strictly following European safety and regulatory standards. Each consignment receives meticulous attention and care, meeting rigorous safety controls and global guidelines. You can count on us for all your shipping needs, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination.

Experienced Staff: Our team consists of professionals, each versed in the intricate aspects of air cargo, including safety and management. We ensure that every member of our team is equipped with the latest knowledge and tools to do the shipment of your cargo with absolute precision and safety. Every manager determines personal attention to every detail. The whole team works tirelessly to tailor solutions with competitive prices that meet your specific requirements and always search the suitable variant.

Strict Safety Protocols: We enforce rigorous safety protocols to guarantee every consignment is managed with exceptional attention from receipt to delivery. Our procedures are strategically developed to minimize risks effectively, maintaining and safeguarding the integrity of your goods at every stage of their transport.

Trust us to deliver your goods safely and efficiently to their destination, fulfilling your specific needs with precision and dedication.

Additional Services

We provide a suite of additional offerings, ensuring thorough support from inception to conclusion. Should the volume exceed the carrying limits of a single aircraft, our experts will deploy additional jet solutions to complete the task.

Freight Management: Our team, equipped with the latest technology, ensures precise oversight, maintaining your items’ integrity from load-in to unload.

Custom Packaging: Avail of tailored packaging options that safeguard your items, adhering to global standards during transit.

Direct Delivery: Enjoy the ease of our direct, door-to-door delivery, promising prompt and safe arrival at your chosen destination, regardless of direct flight availability or not.

Each extra offering enhances accuracy and trustworthiness, providing you with a solution precisely crafted to your requirements.

Why choose us

Dedicated Support

Our managers, available 24/7, keep you informed on your cargo’s status, offering peace of mind.

Expert Handling

Trust in our seasoned professionals for the impeccable care of your goods from start to finish.

Access to Investors

Our solid reputation secures support from external investors, reinforcing our financial stability.

Extensive Partnerships

Partnerships with various logistic entities guarantee a smooth and streamlined service network.

Green Community Engagement

Our commitment is underscored by active participation in eco-friendly aviation communities and our collaboration with green communities in the European airline industry, including IATA, TIACA, and AI Cargo.

Exemplary Customer Service

Experience unmatched personalized service aimed at exceeding your expectations at every step.

Contact Us

We’re always ready to support your distinctive delivery need. Reach out for a personalized consultation and learn how our customized air freight options can enhance your business operations. Our commitment is to build long-lasting relationships with all our partners. In this endeavor, an added emphasis on utilizing our aircraft underlines our dedication to efficiently fulfilling your specific demand.

Please, contact our experts team for more information, modern solutions, and quick quotations, if necessary you may visit the office. We are committed to provide you with optimal air cargo services that helps to transport your goods to their destination safely, swiftly, and efficiently.

Don’t wait — elevate your experience with us! We’re committed to delivering customized air freight solutions, ensuring your cargo’s safety and integrity from start to finish. Reach out to us today to obtain an offer that matches your unique task.

We guarantee a prompt response and dedicated customer support to guide you through each step of the process. Your optimal, hassle-free air freight solution is with us just one click away!

Geography of logistics

Air cargo provides rental services in different regions and countries. We work with a variety of routes, taking into account the needs of the client and possible restrictions. Our aircrafts execute charter flights between global hubs and regional airports, ensuring swift arrival in accordance with the planned route and schedule. The country coverage is seen below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will there be any other freight onboard?
Given that our full aircraft charters are customized to individual requirements, it’s highly unlikely that there will be other items onboard. Should you wish to guarantee exclusive use of the space without any additional deliveries, kindly make your request known. Our specialists will assist in selecting the optimal configuration, taking into account the weight, dimensions, and the flight path.
How long does it take to organize a charter?
The time required to organize a cargo charter hinges on several factors, such as the availability of aircraft, the urgency of the situation, and the complexity of the chosen route. Generally, we are equipped to arrange an aircraft charter operation within 24-48 hours once we receive and confirm your request. This can be facilitated via phone or email, ensuring that your needs are understood and met promptly and efficiently. Each request is handled with strict adherence to legal and privacy policies, ensuring the protection of your data and the legality of your operations.

Adding to our commitment to excellence, we leverage our extensive partnerships with leading aircraft operators and charter service providers, enabling us to offer a wide range of options, from ACMI leases to full charter solutions tailored to your specific project or relief efforts. Our experienced team, with extensive expertise in the field, excels in navigating foreign regulations and control settings, ensuring your cargo’s safe transit, whether it involves gas, oil, or any sensitive material, adhering to the strictest international standards.

Our operational agility allows for quick adjustments to any alterations needed, from scheduling more charter flights at the end of a project to providing ongoing assistance throughout your cargo’s transit. We take pride in being a dependable ally, eager to exceed expectations to ensure timely delivery of your cargo, underlining our importance not merely as a provider but as an essential collaborator in your logistics network. This approach is bolstered by our fleet of versatile aircraft, designed to meet the specific air transport needs of your cargo with precision and care.

At the core, our capability to offer custom aircraft charter solutions, supported by profound knowledge of the aviation industry and dedication to safety, efficiency, and adherence to regulations, distinguishes us. We invite you to get a quote for your next air charter project, assured that with our expertise, your cargo is in capable hands.

I am going to ship a group of goods from China to the UK. Is it possible to organize customs clearance through your company?
We are not a customs broker, however we have agents all over the world that we can rely on to assist with the customs process.
What types of cargo can you organize for shipment? Do you handle passenger transportation?
We specialize exclusively in the transportation of commercial cargo and do not provide passenger transport services. Our expertise encompasses organizing shipments for a diverse range of cargo types. From small consignments such as essential automotive parts to oversized equipment, and from delicate perishable goods to critical technical components, our focus is on meeting the comprehensive commercial shipping needs of our clients.

We do not engage in animal transportation to uphold the safety and compliance of our services with global cargo transport standards. However, we excel in the logistics of hazardous materials, including gases, oils, and technical liquids. Handling wet cargo is also within our scope, serving the requirements for perishable goods, plants, and other moisture-sensitive items. These services adhere to strict regulations and require special preparation to ensure flight safety and prevent risks such as explosions, fires, or contamination.

To address these varied delivery challenges, we use specialized packaging and labeling, aligning closely with global standards. Our dedication is amplified by our enhanced air charter capabilities, ensuring each aircraft is prepared for a broad spectrum of tasks. Our aircraft and methods are designed to accommodate even the most challenging assignments, facilitating seamless journeys. This strategy enables us to refine our air charter operations, boosting the efficacy of our aerial delivery efforts, which, in turn, elevates our clients’ satisfaction through heightened dependability.

Our network includes partnerships with airlines, carriers, and brokers who possess the necessary accreditations for handling hazardous and specialized shipments. These partnerships enhance our ability to offer comprehensive charter aircraft options, tailored to address the intricate demands of cargo logistics, increasing our efficiency in managing cargo deliveries with precision.

For those seeking our charter services, especially for the transport of sensitive materials or wet cargo, we encourage you to reach out through our website’s contact form or email. By submitting your request, you agree to our privacy and cookie policy, promising a seamless and safeguarded experience.

Our team of experts and brokers is prepared to assist with the documentation and logistics of even the most complex shipments. With us, you can expect a customized approach to cargo transport, leveraging our industry-leading expertise and global network to deliver your shipments safely and efficiently.
Will you provide private jets for commercial use?
We offer aircraft solely for cargo charter services, with no aircraft available for private business flights or corporate travel.