Air Cargo Green Capabilities (ACGC) offers a comprehensive range of services for shipping goods from China. We are experts in international air cargo delivery and provide a complete portfolio of logistics services, from the pure airport to airport transport to a door-to-door delivery with additional forwarding services.

We transport various types of cargo from China to destinations across Europe. Our reliable delivery of containerized, oversized, heavy and consolidated freight via air transport ensures not only a significant reduction in delivery time but also a high level of cargo safety and security. Choose Air Cargo Green Capabilities for efficient and reliable air freight services from China to Europe.

Examples of delivery cost calculations

 | 5
Weight: 4 737 kg
Delivery calculation
Cost of transportation: 2$
Total: 8 448$
Aircraft engine
Weight: 5 000 kg
Delivery calculation
Cost of transportation: 3$
Total: 15 000$
Weight: 7 000 kg
Delivery calculation
Cost of transportation: 2$
Total: 6 000$
Weight: 5 000 kg
Hong Kong
Delivery calculation
Cost of transportation: 4$
Total: 18 650$
Weight: 1 200 kg
Delivery calculation
Cost of transportation: 23$
Total: 28 300$

Express delivery from China: Why is it fast and convenient

Speedy delivery

Cargo from China to Europe in just 3-5 days, thanks to our efficient charter services

Reliability and safety

Meticulous packing and constant monitoring at every transit stage ensure the utmost security for your goods

Cargo integrity

Our precise control of temperature and humidity maintains your goods in perfect condition throughout the journey.

Efficient customs clearance

Bypass lengthy customs procedures and border delays, ensuring a smooth and timely delivery.

What we ship from China

With ACGC, you can be confident in the seamless transportation of a diverse range of goods from China to Europe. We handle a diverse range of goods, including but not limited to:


smartphones, tablets, laptops, and accessories

Clothing & footwear

 suits, dresses, jackets, and sneakers

Textiles & home goods

  bed linens, towels, and carpets

Auto parts & accessories

 tires, disks, oils, and filters

Sports & recreational equipment

bicycles, boats, and camping gear

Furniture & decor

tables, chairs, sofas, and lighting fixtures

Cosmetics & perfumes

creams, lotions, and fragrances


rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets

Medical equipment & supplies

 blood pressure monitors, stethoscopes, syringes, and gloves

Our team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring the entire shipping process, from the pick-up in China to air delivery at your warehouse in Europe, is efficient and reliable. We cater each service to the specific needs of our clients, considering the nature of the goods and the requirements for delivery.

Choose Air Cargo Green Capabilities for reliable, tailor-made and efficient shipping solutions from China to Europe.

Why choose ACGC

Deep market insight

With the booming economy of China and its increasing trade flow, we are focused on providing optimal air freight services tailored to meet the dynamic market demands.

Effective financial logistics

Our experts are dedicated to optimize your shipping expenses, offering tailor made solutions that fit to your individual requirements

Comprehensive legal support

From the contract management to foreign legal trade assistance, we ensure that your legal interests are fully protected throughout the shipping process.

Customized logistic routes

Regardless of the complexity of the requirements, our specialists will devise the optimal route to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your cargo.

Real-time information

We provide complete and up-to-date information on the status of your cargo at all stages of transit, ensuring transparency and reliability.

Air Cargo Green Capabilities is not just about air freight; we offer integrated solutions to all logistical challenges associated with doing business with China.

Features of air freight from China to Europe with ACGC

Recognizing the distinct characteristics of air freight from China, Air Cargo Green Capabilities is committed to ensure a fast, secure transit for your cargo to its European destination.

  • Regular flights:  With several flights weekly, we guarantee a prompt delivery and, minimizing delays. Our logistics team closely observes every transit phase, ensuring the integrity and punctual arrival of your goods.
  • Tailored solutions: Every cargo is unique. We offer customized solutions for valuable or fragile items, assuring their safe, expedited delivery.
  • Competitive pricing: Despite various influential factors, our cooperation with premier airlines enables the offering of competitive air freight rates.
  • Comprehensive customs support: Navigating through the complexities of the customs procedures for shipments from China, Air Cargo Green Capabilities offers a complete “turnkey” customs clearance service, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for our customers.

Air Cargo Green Capabilities (ACGC) is dedicated to offer our customers a comprehensive range of air freight services from China to Europe. From selecting the most cost-effective tariff to ensuring the safe and timely delivery of your cargo to its destination, we’ve got you covered. ACGC guarantees a prompt and secure transportation solution tailored to your cargo’s specific needs and destination.


 What documents do I need to arrange cargo shipping?

The required documents for cargo shipping can vary, depending on the specific nature of the cargo and its delivery route. Typically, for international cargo shipments like goods from China, the following documents are required:

  • A commercial invoice (or proforma invoice) from your supplier in China, detailing the goods and their cost.
  • A packing list indicating the weight and dimensions of each item.
  • Documents confirming the ownership of the goods.

We always recommend checking with our managers to ensure you have all the necessary documents to avoid any unexpected delivery delays. Additionally, we can assist with customs clearance services to save your time and minimize the risk of encountering issues with the customs.

Our skilled specialists are on standby to assist with all required paperwork and offer comprehensive information on the process of shipping goods from China. Feel free to reach out to us via our website, call +352 691 647 721, or email for more details.

 What should I do if my cargo is damaged during the delivery ?

If your cargo was damaged during the delivery, please contact our customer service department at Air Cargo Green Capabilities as soon as possible. We will conduct a thorough investigation of the incident and assist you in addressing the issue. For a swift and effective review of your claim, you’ll need to provide us with details of the damage, photographs of the packaging and cargo, and documents verifying the cargo’s value and contents. We are committed to resolve the issue and compensate for the damage according to the terms of our agreement and applicable transportation rules.

At ACGC, we strive to deliver the best service to our customers and ensure that, should any problems arise, we will go above and beyond to resolve them satisfactorily. You can reach us for such concerns at +352 691 647 721 or

  What is the maximum weight or size of cargo that can be shipped via air freight with ACGC ?

We are experienced to handle air freight of various weight and size at ACGC. However, the maximum possible weight and size of the cargo depends on several factors, including the type of the used aircraft and the airline’s specific requirements, in regard to the loadability.

We are prepared to manage the transport of the cargo of any weight or size. To obtain precise information regarding the possible limits on weight or size of your shipment, it is advisable to reach out to our logistics specialists. We are available to provide consultations on all matters related to international shipments, including the transport options of cargo of varying weight and size Feel free to reach us at +352 691 647 721 or for more detailed information.

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