Air Cargo Green Capabilities (ACGC) stands at the forefront of enhancing trade connectivity between Europe, the Middle East, and the Arab nations.

We focus on delivering precision, speed, and safety in air freight services. Our streamlined process, bolstered by a professional team and cutting-edge technology, ensures each shipment is managed with precision and delivered expediently.

Dive into an optimized air freight experience with ACGC, where international trade is elevated to a pinnacle of efficiency and dependability.

Types of goods we transport

Custom handling and versatility in service
ACGC employs tailored handling protocols, ensuring each item, from any country within the Middle East, is managed with utmost precision. Whether electronics from Israel, textiles from Turkey, or construction materials from the UAE, we adhere to international standards and optimal conditions for preservation and safety. Our service versatility extends beyond specific countries, showcasing a commitment to cater to the different and individualized needs of customers across the broader Middle East region. Each shipment is accorded specialized attention, reinforcing our dedication to efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction.

ACGC is skilled in safely and efficiently transporting a variety of goods from Israel to multiple European destinations.

We’re highly experienced in shipping technological and electronic equipment, leveraging Israel’s standing as a tech innovation hub.

Additionally, we handle the transportation of fashion items and home goods with the same level of precision and care, ensuring quality preservation.

Our air freight services extend to Turkey, a country renowned for its diverse industries.

ACGC ensures the safe and efficient transport of chemical products, industrial goods, clothing, and textiles.

The transportation of flowers, plastics, rubber, and resins is managed with an emphasis on safety and prompt delivery.

In the UAE, ACGC is your go-to partner for transporting construction materials, equipment, household items, electronics, and auto goods.

We ensure each item is securely and efficiently delivered to its European destination.

Our comprehensive services are marked by attention to detail, ensuring the integrity and safety of each product are maintained throughout transit.

Our network and operations

Key routes and global reach

ACGC connects Europe with key Middle Eastern hubs like Dubai, Tel Aviv, and Istanbul through efficient air freight routes, ensuring fast and secure deliveries. But we’re not confined to these routes — our expansive network allows us to transport goods from a broader spectrum of locations, seamlessly linking diverse markets. Every consignment benefits from our direct connections, ensuring both accessibility and reliability, bridging European enterprises with global opportunities.

Local partnerships

We have established strong partnerships with local carriers in the Middle East. These collaborations enhance our operational efficiency, ensuring a smooth process from the pick-up to the delivery.

Customs assistance

ACGC excels in navigating complex customs procedures. We handle all the regulatory requirements, ensuring that both standard and specialized cargo move efficiently through each transition, reaching their destination on time.
Our network and operations are designed for  speed, efficiency, and reliability, ensuring your cargo is handled with utmost care and precision from the Middle East to Europe.

Why choose ACGC

Expert team

Navigating the intricate landscape of international air freight requires a distinct set of skills and expertise. At ACGC, we’re proud of our team of professionals who are adept at managing the complexities of global logistics. Each member is seasoned, and equipped with a wealth of experience and knowledge, ensuring that every shipment is handled with precision and care.

Personalized service

In the realm of air freight, one size does not fit all. We recognize the unique needs and challenges each client faces. ACGC is dedicated to offering tailored solutions, intricately designed to align with individual requirements. Our client-centric approach ensures that every service is personalized, every solution is custom-crafted, and every client is valued.

Continuous support

The world of international shipping never sleeps, and neither do we. ACGC is committed to offering continuous support, assuring our clients of our accessibility and readiness to assist at all hours. Queries are addressed promptly, challenges are met with solutions, and every client enjoys the peace of mind of knowing that we’re always on hand to assist, making the journey of each consignment as seamless as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What documents are needed for air freight?

The required documents can include a commercial invoice, packing list, air waybill, customs declaration, and specific certificates or licenses, depending on the cargo’s nature.

Do you transport personal items like clothing and shoes?

We primarily serve legal entities and do not transport personal belongings for individuals.

What additional services do you offer?

We provide comprehensive solutions including customs documentation, cargo insurance, packing and marking, warehousing, and door-to-door delivery.

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Ready to ship your cargo with ACGC? Contact us now at +352 691 647 721 or fill out our online form for a free consultation.

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Ready to ship your cargo with ACGC? Contact us now at +352 691 647 721 or fill out our online form for a free consultation.



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